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The Preliminary Work.

Understanding and Healing of our conditioned personality

  • Inner Child.
  • Inner Teenager.
  • Inner Twenties.
  • Primary Family relationships.
  • Other close relationships.
  • Relationships to other authoritative figures.

This preliminary work is the first step towards peace, freedom, understanding, joy, love, and happiness. It concerns an inner spring cleaning to make way for fresh, clear, and more mature inner landscapes. We cannot access these 'higher mind' states if we are bogged down and depressed by the murky waters of the past. We cannot climb out of the mire of ignorance and self-delusion without first realizing that we are in it! And we cannot come to understand and liberate ourselves if we are slaves to our conditioned personality and all it's robotic and reflexive behaviors; its desires and aversions, its passions and tendencies, its conditions and restrictions.

The higher states of mind and being are already here. We do not need to strain to create them. In an uninspected life, a person will come across the higher states every now and again, but because of the restrictions imposed by the conditioned personality, may quickly lose contact with them.

So, this all important preliminary work involves inspecting, understanding, and becoming free from, our conditioned personality. At first this may seem a difficult task, but really it is not, and there is much help for the sincere aspirant.

Once we get a taste of the higher self - physical, mental and emotional states - we will realize the importance of inner freedom - the freedom to choose our thoughts, actions, and emotional states, even in the midst of external dictates.

The conditioned personality is bunch of ideas, dogmas, emotional responses, thought processes, and physical postures that we have picked up during this lifetime. The conditioned personality consists of a repertoire of behavioral patterns. If we have come to believe that we are this conditioned personality, then we will believe that we are this repertoire of behavioral patterns, and this is the position of the uninspected life. When we begin to inspect ourselves - look inside at our responses and behavior - then we begin to view the conditioned personality as only a small part of our Real Self.

Generally, the individual may be unfulfilled by living from the limited repertoire of behaviors of the conditioned personality. We tend to live in a state of unconscious inner dictatorship, being slaves to the conditions imposed upon us by the personality.

So, we must be able to understand the great importance of liberating ourselves from this inner tyrant. As within, so without. When we begin to understand and heal our inner self, we choose to dissolve and discard the useless and harmful parts of the conditioned personality. As the inner work begins to take shape, so the outer world also begins to change in correspondence to this inner healing.

We improve and life improves. As within, so without. The internal change is reflected by a change in our external environment. Miracles begin to happen. We are what we think we are.

Our relationships become easier and more satisfying. We heal all our primary and often difficult relationships - family, teachers, ex-lovers, and other partnerships. We gradually dissolve the inner pains and soon find that we are carrying a much lighter load. The baggage of the past begins to disappear and a fresh and light breeze permeates our being. We understand this living and dying and we contact the permanent and absolute qualities of existence. We find the all the souls and worlds are created, maintained and dissipated by One Universal Spirit that is the indweller of all beings. And we begin to form a relationship with this eternal Oneness.

So, once again we must attend to this important preliminary work so that we may move beyond the conditions of our past and the resulting personality.


May All Beings Be Happy, Peaceful, Content, and Satisfied.
Free from unneccessary burdens, negativity and suffering.
At Ease with Life.
And At One with God.




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