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The Problems That Face Us If We Do Not Heal Ourselves.

An Example of unhealed pain...

We will face the unhealed issues again and again throughout our lives. We will become more and more confused and miserable as all attempts at happiness fail, one after another.

We will project our unhealed pains onto all the people that we meet throughout our lives - repeatedly.

We will be caught in circular behaviour patterns that are hangovers from early conditioning.

We will be less and less capable of enjoying life, we will become more and more fatigued at our own inner turmoil and ignorance, and we will become increasingly negative as time progresses.
We will pass on our pain, repressions, and confusions to our children; "to the ninth generation."
We will be unable to experience that which lies outside of our conditioned personality.
We will feel cheated, disappointed, angry, bitter and unhappy.
We will curse our creator and spit on this wonderful miracle that is life.


We will project our unhealed pains onto all the people that we meet throughout our lives - repeatedly. As did these two unhealed people.

We will project the pain of our childhood years upon the world. We will impress this pain deeply into all the aspects of our lives. We will project the pain of our adolescence onto the world, decades after its occurrence.

What is not healed will haunt us for the rest of this life - and into the next. Our karma will become increasingly negative as all this unfinished business mounts up, causing mountains of negativity and pain.

I have met many people who, although under the age of thirty, are day by day heading towards more and more negative situations and are stoking the fires of further suffering in many years to come. And their lack of humility and common sense, often fuelled by the pain and hurt that they feel inside, keeps them from considering or accepting any assistance offered.

Often such persons will not even consider themselves in need of any help. They think that they are all right, and yet they are often very far from health indeed.

Sounds pretty pessimistic doesn't it?

Well, it certainly doesn't have to become like this - if we take control and responsibility for our own healing, and this is the first step on path to enlightenment - Godhood, Union, to be in Yoga.

We must heal ourselves.


So that our soul can be free from deep unwanted negative influences. We heal ourselves so that the soul can breathe unrestricted by the false and conditioned personality.

And guess what? We've made it really simple and easy for everybody to do this! Hooray! But, it will require a dedicated, genuine, and steady effort from the aspirant.

All going well, we can heal ourselves in a couple of years. And remember, the benefits are exponential. After only a few months, we feel better. Feeling better, we are more inclined to continue our practice with a growing enthusiasm.

Humility is the gateway to health. Recognising that we are sick is the first step to becoming well. This first step, is the first rung of the ladder that ends with our Self Realisation, our union with the whole of existence, our enlightenment. When we can really answer the question; "Who am I?". And we often answer in silence - feeling the answer as Yoga - Union with All.

May all beings be happy, grow toward the light and achieve Self realisation.

Jaya Om, Jaya Mani.

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