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Why should we Consume Organic Foods and Drinks?

What is Organic Food?

Organic food is foodstuff that has been produced using the minimum amount, if any, of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. Organic food is basically what normal, ordinary food used to be like about 70 years ago. Grown without poisonous chemicals.


What is Wrong with Agricultural Chemicals? They Kill Us!

Foodstuff grown with these chemicals absorbs large doses into themselves whilst they are growing, then we end up filling up our bodies with these chemicals when we eat that food. Cows that eat chemically sprayed food absorb these same chemicals into their bloodstream, and eventually these chemicals end up in our milk and dairy produce. All in all, us consumers will eventually build up a lethal dose of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals in our bodily system and this will cause us to become ill - seriously ill. Each one of us is at risk from serious illness and untimely death because of these chemicals.


This is why more and more people are turning on to the health risks posed by 'non organic' food, and are 'Going Organic'. They realise that putting themselves, their families and other loved ones at a health risk just is not an option that they choose to take.

Organic food is 'ordinary' food, that is why it is so disturbing to see it being sold at such high prices in our 'high' streets.


Grow your own.

Many more people are realising that there really is an alternative to paying 'over inflated' high street prices for 'ordinary' foodstuff. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is back in fashion and the way to do it is by contacting your local Council concerning allotment plots.


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