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Our Higher and Lower Self.

We all have a higher and lower self.

Our lower self is characterised by our egotism, our selfishness, our sense of separateness from others, our unneccessary negativity, our egoistic strategies to gain attention, our greed, our cruelty, our self-obsession, all our ignornance. The lower self - the mass of selfish programs in the lower three chakras - is a mixture of our lower human characteristics (survival, sex, power, lower emotions, lower ego-driven mental activity) and our animal inheritance - all the things that an animal needs to do to survive.

The lower self is characterised by the interaction of the three lower chakras when they are disconnected from the higher chakras.

Our higher self is characterised by our compassion, our understanding, our mercy and forgiveness, our sense of connectivity with our fellow beings, our ability to put others before ourselves, our unlimited capacity to do good, our conscious mastery of the mind, the ability to feel empathy for our fellow beings (there but for the Grace of God go I), our ability to live together in the peaceful spirit of happy co-operation. The higher self is our spirituality in action in daily life.

Everybody has a higher and lower self. It is important to realise this, so that we do not make and maintain negative and condemning judgements concerning others. If we forget the higher self - in ourselves and in others - then we can only live a miserable and negative life.

To consciously master a thing, first we need to understand the way it works. Denial and repression of the functionality of the lower chakras WILL NOT help us master the functionality of these aspects of ourselves. We need to educate ourselves concerning the functionality of the chakras, so that we can master them, and not let them master us.


The only possible route beyond the misery of material based existence
is to become

A Spiritual Being.


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