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 The Lower and The Higher Self

Lower Self, Higher Self and Social Evolution.

Each human being has a lower and higher self. The lower self is characterized by selfishness, self-grasping, immoral behavior, and egoism. The higher self is characterized by selflessness, harmony, knowledge of the unity of life, and the ability to think and act outside of egoism and self-grasping at sense pleasures.

We can see the lower self in action in abundance across all of society. Class or any other societal divisions do not restrict the lower self. This is why the standard social revolution always fails. For example, the lower self is in a position of power and is a tyrant. Along comes another lower self, or group of lower selves, with ideas of overthrowing the powerful tyrant. All this achieves is substituting one lower self for another. Whatever the so-called reforming revolutionary lower selves have written into their manifesto will account for nothing because very quickly the lower self grasps onto the powerful position and another tyranny is born. We see this through out the world.

So what is the solution to this problem? Quite simply, that we must all understand, tame, and overcome the dictates of the lower self. I use the word dictate quite purposely here because when we are under the tyranny of the lower self, then this is the state of affairs - we are dictated to by a self-grasping, selfish, cunning, powerful and manipulative pleasure seeking individual.

In this dictatorship, we are powerless to contact and act from the higher self-perspective. We may tune in to our higher self by accident, become uplifted and focused, and then fall back again into the lower self umwelt (umwelt = perspective of life).

What everybody needs is a system of self-enquiry and understanding that releases us all from the lower self-umwelt and puts us permanently in tune with our higher selves so that humanity can evolve into its highest formations of self -government and understanding. That system has been with humanity since the day of its conception and its name is Yoga. Yoga is the oldest and most advanced spiritual practice known to humanity and is as pure as it has always been - unlike many other spiritual traditions that have unfortunately become corrupted over time.

Yoga provides a successful system of integrating the lower and higher self. By working with the chakras we can heal ourselves, all our relationships, and even other individuals. By study and understanding, we can become masters of our mechanisms and learn to live in the realm of the higher self.

Today, there is a Yogic system that has been especially synthesized for the modern human. its name is Energy Enhancement, and it is providing a route to conscious self-mastery, healing, and enlightenment for many, many people - worldwide.

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