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Judge Ye Not Lest Thee Be Judged!

"He who casteth the first stone."

We should not waste time judging and condemning others because it is highly likely that we too are suffering from the same conditions. If we see others acting in a certain way, yet we harbor those same actions in thought, then we are no worse or better than they.

The physical actions must filter down from the process of thought, for "action follows thought as surely as the cart follows the horse."

It is far better to realize that we too have the capability within us all to do evil as well as good. For we are all human, and all activities are but aspects of human behavior. We must understand why and how bad actions arise as well as good actions.

Passions, misunderstood and uninspected, can suddenly be provoked by the smallest stimulus. Temper can flair up from nothing as the subconscious mind - the store house of all repressed parts of our being - breaks through into the conscious arena of waking life.

Instead of judging and condemning, we should attempt to understand why a human being acts in such misguided ways, and know that we are all guilty of allowing such ignorance to flower on this earth.

Who amongst us could say that they have never thought unhealthy thoughts or acted in ignorant ways? And who amongst us has done all they could to make the world a lighter place and not simply lead a selfish, greedy, and unexamined life?

By repressing a thing we do not make it disappear. We need to consciously inspect all aspects of human behavior so that we may indeed understand and master them. Once something is understood, the fear of it dissolves.

"We mistook a piece of rope for a snake!"

But let it be understood, that to repress a thing is to simply put off its appearance in our life to a later date. The longer we leave it, the worse and more pressing it becomes.

The only path through the darkness is one of conscious inspection, understanding, and experience.



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