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Breaking Habits.

If we have good habits then great, but if we have bad habits then we generally would like to be rid of them. We often need much assistance to break habits because a habit is a behavioural pattern that is ingrained in our mental, emotional, and physical centres.


One way of leaving behind unwanted things, is to create a small ritual or ceremony - something which will mark the end of a period of our lives. Finally burying the hatchet. Putting to rest that which needs to be dropped.

Another way of breaking bad habits, is to replace the unhealthy behaviour with a healthy one. For instance, if we wanted to give up smoking tobacco, we could instead, take up the habit of chewing licorice sticks. If we want to give up sitting infront of the television in the evening, we could begin learning a physical exercise, or a dance routine, or learn a musical instrument.

Like attracts like. This is so for thoughts and habits also. If we begin with one bad habit, then we will soon pick up other ones - quickly. After some time, we may find that our personality has become completely rotten, and that we are unhappy. If, on the other hand, we choose to try to improve our virtue by become good and healthy, then also - like attracts like. Soon our good habits will lead us to better and higher things, and then even higher and happier, and so on.


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