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Life Skills

Enough is Enough.

"Yet the insane non-sustainable society screams more, better, best!"

Existence is quite enough, if we know how to relate to it properly. It is not life that is at fault but the relationship that we often make with life - that is where the fault lies.

The soul that is aligned to existence and understands the play of this appearance of life and death - the Divine Play of the One Mind - that soul is happy simply to be here now. Enough is enough for the illuminated soul. Life and death are not to be feared - they are to be experienced. Improvement is good but existence is good as it is. For the enlightened soul, for the individual that creates a good and health relationship with life, there is no need to continue with the unhealthy neurosis and misery which is the very root of the mainstream society. For the individual that has subordinated the selfish desires of egoism, then life simply is.

Children are born with this simplicity, but somewhere around the age of 2 years old, the society interupts. The society feeds the ego and disturbs the natural equilibrium of the individual. The connectivity of the person with the natural flow of the universe is broken. The society forces, smashes the gestalt (wholeness), interrogates, breaks the person's heart and reprograms the person to be a "society person." You know, worried, anxious, afraid, neurotic, subservient, obedient, and miserable.

How can you be happy if you have lost your connection with real life - the natural? The hugely conditioned individual is now convinced that the operations of the society are the real and only approach to living. The rules of society are full of corruption - to help the rich and tyrannical stay in control. The person is now forced to become a liar and betray their own soul, so that they may play a "useful" role in the so-called civilized society. The "useful role" often involves little more than using up the persons conscious waking time-space so that they do not have time or space to sort out the turmoil that is going on inside. The turmoil that the society created in the first place!

The Blind Leading The Blind. And the anthem is "more, better, best."

So, what to do about this insanity? Well, it appears that we need a system of self-study that will lead us out of the turmoil and into the fresh, green pastures of self-understanding and realization. We most definitely require a system of techniques that have been tried and tested, that work, that will help us heal our confusion and live a more satisfying and quality life.


- The Synthesis of Light -

has developed such a system for the modern age called

Energy Enhancement.



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