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Understanding Negativity - Suffering, Compassion, And Forgiveness

Negativity is a product of unhappiness, suffering, and ignorance. Once we understand this, then we must surely be able to see beyond the negative emanations of ourselves and others, and "Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."

God loves us all, otherwise He would not have made us. When we begin to feel that love, then we are in a stronger position to understand our negative thoughts and actions, and those of the persons around us.

For instance, somebody offends us by behaving inappropriately towards us. If we understand that, if that person were feeling good, happy, and loved, then they would not behave in such a manner, thus we can deduce by their behavior that they are not feeling particularly well and thus we can wholeheartedly forgive them, because we know that they are suffering.

This is why, in spiritual life, it is so important to realize the Almighty, All Peaceful, All Divine Self that is the indweller of all the bodies and is the manifest and the absolute qualities of All Life. The Self same Self in All. It is the immortal and wondrous self which is the creator and the creation. Knowing this the enlightened learn the art of forgiveness very quickly.

This world is a divine romance and drama between the individual souls and the SuperSoul - which is infact the Self, God, Tao.

This world is but a stage and we are all but players upon it.

Seek out the Self within and the Kingdom of Immortality, Eternal love, Peace, and all understanding awaits. This place is not necessarily an intellectual abode - it is more a feeling, a knowing.

The Self is the seer and the seen, the aroma and the nose, the experience and the experiencer.



Om shanti. May Peace. love and Understanding be forever with thee.



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