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The Art of Mind Watching.

We can learn to step back from the flow of thoughts that occupy the mind. We can learn to become skilled in the art of mind watching.

Why do this?

Because the only way to understand something, is to observe it in action. How can we understand the mind if we are always interacting with it and acting out its activity in our daily life. In the West, many humans are obsessed with the Ajna chakra, the intellectual faculty, often to the neglect of other arenas of human activity. We often train our offspring to become intellectuals instead of whole and rounded people.

So, we need to unlearn much of our conditioning. If we blindly follow the heavily conditioned processes of our mind, then we are the slaves to our conditionings, a slave to our past, a slave to our societal influences. When we learn to Mind Watch, we can learn to tune in to our inner peaceful and still centre. Then we can observe the mechanics of our subtle conditioning and the related thought-forms and thought-patterns that are attached to this conditioned thinking process - our conditioned mind. By mind watching, we understand that we are not these conditionings and that we do not need to be slaves to limited perceptions and experiences of life.

By learning to observe the mind, we can soon learn to begin to influence it's contents, we can train our mind to serve us - and the manifestation - instead of it controlling us and serving only our egoistic and conditioned personality.

We CAN achieve freedom from the bondage of a conditioned mind. We can become master's of the mind. We can train the mind to be our servant and help us to be of useful service to the whole - which is the correct and virtuous relationship.


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