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Re-Learning the Art of Being.

Our natural state is one of Be-ing. That is why we are named human beings. But many societies throughout history, have often overlooked this rather important point in their never ending quest to do or die, to divide and conquer, to rule or be ruled. These societies would instruct their citizens into the Art of Doing and rarely would teach about Being. When a real human being popped up, these societies would go all out to crush such "sinful" behaviour.

A Real Human Being: Conscious Self-Mastery and God Realization.

Going around healing people and making them laugh and be happy? Teaching people to BE! Off with their heads!

Of course, that was all along time ago! Nowadays, if we have forgotten how to Be, then we can always start one of the many meditation, yoga, Self-realisation courses available worldwide.

Re-learning the Art of Being is a lovely thing to do!

If you would like to study a fully integrated system then study Yoga, which is one of the spiritual traditions incorporated into The Techniques of Energy Enhancement.

The Seeds of Light Foundation wishes you great success and happiness in your life - for it is awaiting us all, if we live wisely.

May All Beings Be Happy, Peaceful, Content, Satisfied, at ease with life, and at One with God.

Om Shanti.


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