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"Reforming, being reformed, change for the better, amendment, removing of abuses, transformation."

Within the sphere of spiritual life, that meaning the conscious self-evolution and mastery of the individual, there comes a time when reformation becomes a necessity.

When we consciously evolve and take hold of the reigns of our whole life - body, mind, soul, thought and deed - then we arrive at a point where we must move on and away from any (or as many as possible) hindrance's and unneeded obstacles.

When the momentum of our spiritual transformation begins to pick up, and we genuinely feel the benefits of our sadhana (spiritual practice), then we will find ourselves in a situation where we need to reassess our life, the work we do (if any), the places we frequent, the activities we perform, the thoughts we think and the people we relate to.

There will come about a time for change, a time for reformation. Not in a big, worldy, banner-waving manner, but in a slow, thoughtful, personnal way. We act locally - within the spheres of our everday lives - and this is where it takes the most courage to actually perform any lasting change.

There are many unpleasant situations that we must face, and there may be many words that we need to say. Our relationship with the outside world may require some reformation and this can often be painful as we weed out all the growth that we have left unattended or swept under the proverbial carpet.

It is a courageous person whom reforms their own life - whereas the cowardly attempt to reform others without first looking towards their own behaviour.

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