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Ethical Investment.

With Barchester Green Investment.

"An Example of Ethical Investment."

Accentuating the Positive.

Ethical fund managers seek to identify companies which make a positive contribution to environmental and social improvement.

These will include companies engaged in:

  • Conserving natural resources.

  • Pollution control & environmental technologies.

  • Education. technology and communication.

  • Alternative energy provision

  • Waste treatment and recycling

  • Manufacturing goods which are daily essentials.

  • Good environmental and labour practices


Companies which are open about their activities, responsive to local communities and demonstrate good practice in their dealings with employees, customers and the general public, tend to be very well-managed.

Ethical criteria provide the toots tor finding them and this helps give ethical funds their edge.


Eliminating the Negative.

Typically, your investment will not be supporting companies involved in:

  • Armaments

  • Animal Experimentation

  • Factory farming

  • Tobacco.

  • Alcohol

  • Trade with Oppressive regimes

  • Third world exploitation

  • Environmentally damaging processes.

  • Excessive political donatations.


But be warned -- there are funds waving the "green banner" that have little in the way of ethical criteria. Even their environmental credentials can be somewhat dubious.


Proclaiming the Performance.

The longer established green and ethical funds, have more than held their own against comparable conventional funds. In July 1993 'Which?' magazine said,

"Ethical funds have performed as well as and in some cases better than ordinary funds'.

In 1997 tte WM Company compared two charity funds, one of which had been ethically screened. Over the 4 years tested, they were virtually identical.

People often confuse ethical investment with charity-based deposit accounts. which pay a lower interest rate for purely altruistic reasons. Ethical investment is a whole-hearted endeavour to gain a competitive return, by avoiding the shares of harmful enterprises whilst supporting those of companies making a positive contribution to society and the environment.

The oldest ethical personal pension "The Stewardship" has averaged over 18.2% per annum* since 1984 - a figure few conventional pension funds can match.

*(Micropal statistics offer to bid 31.12.97)


Taking the First Step.

You can use ethical funds through ordinary financial plans that you may already be familiar with.

  • Personal pensions.

  • Personal Equity Plans (PEPs)

  • Unit trusts

  • Investment bonds.

  • Mortgage endowments

  • Life assurances and for, larger investors -

  • Ethically managed share portfolios


But, you will need guidance and Barchester Green Investment can provide it in your own home or workplace.

We've been doing this since we were established in 1985 - longer than any other green/ethical independent financial adviser. Just pick up the telephone, email, or visit our website.


For printed information, we'll send you an information pack.

You don't need a stamp or even an envelope

So send off today and we rush the details to you!


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