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Who is this "I" ness?

Absolution, what a solution!

Every thinking and experiencing life form will, in time, come to know of the source of its perceived limited consciousness. Human life has been especially created with this realization in mind.

The most successful human being is the Self-Realized person.


Because they have actualised the realisation that the consciousness that is embodied has, as its source, the unembodied, eternal Self - Tao, Allah, Christ, Krishna, etc..

This is moksha. This is Nirvana. This is samadhi, or any of the countless other word-labels that have been used to describe this realisation.

The enlightened being is free from attachment to the changing scenes of the world, experienced through the sense organs of the physical body. One comes to realise that this Universe of phenomenological experience is in fact all thoughts in the Total, All mind and that the experiencer of this All-Mind is in fact the pure, unalloyed consciousness of Being.

With this realization, the enlightened being drops all fear of living and dieing, knowing them to be but appearances in the All-Mind. One comes to know that everything; Mind, Fullness, Emptiness, experiencer, and experience, are in fact one entity - Complete Existence - the Tao, Self.

And that this "I" ness, is that One Eternal Self - Complete Existence.




When the enlightened sage, Ramana Maharishi, was about to die, one of his disciples asked:

"Are you not afraid to be leaving?"

"Where will 'I' go ?" replied Ramana Maharishi.

He had Self-Realised. He knew of the Tao. He knew that "I am that I am".


And this is why William Shakespeare wrote:


"The whole world is but a stage, and we are all actors upon it."



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