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The Child and Society

"Man's being is very simple, but his personality is not."

People are born into the societies of the world. A child is endowed with qualities directly from existence itself. Then society conditions the child by imposing a false personality which is not directly linked to existence, but is a product of thousands of years of human thought, action, ideology, dogma - and often corruption, repression and ignorance.

Some societies encourage certain behavioural patterns and others actively discourage the same behaviours, depending upon whether these behaviours are seen as useful and acceptable to the society.

This conditioned personality becomes very complex. The imposed conditionings act as filters between the soul and the world. They act to falsify the souls original existence endowed experience. These filters act on an individual's mental, emotional and physical body.

Our senses, mind and emotions become corrupted by society. We see what society allows us to see. We hear what society allows us to hear. We touch only that which society allows us to touch. We feel only that range of emotions that society deems acceptable.

A child is born into a repressed family situation. How long can this powerless being survive as a soul? Not very long. The external situation gradually conditions the child into the acceptable behavioural patterns. Then, when the child is old enough to go to school, the extended society continues this conditioning process. The child becomes a useful member of society - even if the society itself is useless!

How to remedy this situation?

By the steady practice and study of Yoga. It is also worthwhile to study the works of The Synthesis of Light - The Energy Enhancement Book which is on this CD ROM. Or visit their website.

May All Beings Be Happy.

Peace and Love be with thee always.


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