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Unless we are genuinely internally motivated and open to inner development, evolution, and change, then very little good can be achieved. We need to have evolved away from the dramas of infantile emotions and attention seeking strategies, before we can learn to be open enough to understand the reality of God centred living.

As we evolve along our pathways, we arrive at many crossroads. One of these I call the 'Good Samaritan' or sometimes 'The Hero'. We receive some blessings, we feel better, we feel good, strong, and able, and then we want to rush around and change the world. A wonder how many of us have lived that one! We want to help others and we 'know' that our pathway will be fit and proper for all the 'sick' people that we meet and know. 'The Hero' decides to try and help these poor folk and is soon in trouble!

Why ?

Because, unless we are completely grounded, completely professional, and spiritually strong, then we will be sucked down into all the lower emotional and ego-centric behaviour of those that we extend the hand of help unto.

Those people who we feel may need our help; friends, family, strangers in difficulty, may not respond in the manner that we hoped they would.

For example, if you offer time and service to a very ego-centric attention seeker, then they will simply use you for your time and service - they will gain lots of energy from you and apprectiate all your attention, but this is as far as it will go.

Think very carefully before being a hero, and then think again. Because the 'Hero Strategy' is in fact an ego-centric behaviour pattern, there is often a dual motivation - look at me, am I not a good and spiritual person?


'There are many fires in the world, and many people trying to put them out with buckets of petrol.'

- Swami Satchidananda, The Integral Yoga Society.


Offering help is often non-productive and time wasting. It is far better to concentrate on producing a service that people can then approach and use - powered by their own internal motivation.

For example; The Yogi Publication Society offers the service of printed material; The Integral Yoga Sociey offers a yogic service; The Synthesis of light offers a fully integrated holistic enlightenment program, and The Self Realization Fellowship offers its services worldwide. This is just a selection of the thousands of Enlightenment facilities openly available to Humanity at large.

So avoid the 'Hero Strategy', and try to be humble enough to either help an existing organisation, or form one of one's own. Most people these days could start up an internet site promoting their own version of holistic and healthy living.


May All Beings Be Happy and Know of the Beauty that is Self Realization.

Make knowledge and experience of the Higher Self your Goal.

Hari Om Shanti.


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