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A New Education.

With the birth of the multi-media personal computer (PC), the need to memorise useless facts and figures is no more. Today, we can pick up a hand held computer, dial up the Internet or insert a CD-Rom, and find that piece of information at the touch of a button. Computers can be used as the memory banks of human thought and action.

With computers, we can store and retrieve information with push button technology. Hooray!

So, now that all that has been successfully dealt with, what of education? Now, as ever, is the time to re-assess the term "education system".

What do we really need on this planet?

We need improvement and for this to happen, we require improved people. We can turn over our education systems to the production of enlightened beings, the fostering, maintenance, and nurture of human qualities, the growth of the truly human person - the Whole person - body, mind, soul, and spirit.

What an amazing potential to increase the happiness of all.

A true education will foster a spirit of Unity and Love, of Light and Life, of Enlightenment, of Trust and Reverence for all life, and a sound education of the Higher Self - the extended Self, the consciousness that permeates and is the Universe - and of every souls connectivity with its source.

With computers providing push-button access to humanities collective mind - from the necessary mundane information for daily living, social and behavioural studies, all the way up to the great spiritual teachings - humanity is now approaching an age where peace, love, understanding, and Self Realisation are available for All.

What an amazing potential to increase the happiness of all.

The darkness of human ignorance can be illuminated on mass. We have the technology to help us build a new paradigm in human perception - it is here already, and every day more and more people are waking up to this fact.

We now have the understanding and the technology necessary to bring this information to the homes of every single human being. We need never be afraid of human ignorance - ever again. We need never fear the production of a Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, or Adolf Hitler. We need never fear the threat of starvation, poverty, exploitation, drought, disease, and war.

By choosing our thoughts, we control our own destiny - individually and collectively.

As a buddha was heard to say, commenting on the uncontrolled human mind:



"The devil (untrained mind) that you so fear, does not exist."

He was telling us that all this human ignorance, fear, and disease (physical, mental, emotional) is all a product of our untrained minds.



So, what must we centre our entire education system upon ?



The successful training of the human mind, so as to produce peace and happiness for everybody. Not the stuffing, interrogation, and inevitable disturbing of this beautiful mind, that process that we have come to call "education".



How can we achieve this task?



By the implementation of techniques and systems that are designed to successfully achieve this.



What are we to do with all this time that has been created by computerising mundane activities ?



Understand and Worship the Self in All, create world peace and harmony among all beings. You know, those kinds of things - higher, collective orientated thoughts. "As we think, so we become."



  • Computer aided education has the potential to change the focus of education and, indeed, living, toward the understanding and improving of human behaviour.
  • With computers employed to carry out the mundane tasks of living, humanity has created the space to Self Realise - for One and for All.
  • The focus of collective attention may be switched to higher thought forms - self enquiry, self understanding, self actualisation, Our Divine Self - the fostering and creation of enlightened, happy people.
  • By understanding ourselves and our relationship to existence we will come to realise that we are not the monsters that we have thought ourselves to be.
  • By understanding and overcoming our own ignorance and untrained mind, we can learn to live in peace and harmony - globally and universally.
  • We are living in the dawn of an age of global enlightenment.



May all beings be happy and Self Realised.

May the light of truth overcome all obstacles.

Victory to that light.

Hare Om Shanti.


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