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Smashing the Gestalt

How to produce slave workers and consumers.

Let us start with some definitions.

Smashing to break into pieces.
Gestalt the organised whole.
Slave one who is under domination (internally or externally)
Workers one who is employed to work, to produce articles - generally for selling to...
Consumers one who buys and uses the produced articles.

So, big business, governments, and other producers, require workers and consumers so that the producers can remain in their powerful positions. For example, the powerful position of world domination of all useful resources. By producing broken people - smashing the gestalt (wholeness) of the soul - the producers keep up the status quo (the existing conditions).

By producing fear and guilt, and a false personality, in the systems of "education" and other compulsory institutions - work places - designed to smash gestalts, the producers remain in power and the people in general, remain in a state of disintegration, confusion, fear, guilt, depression, unhappiness, debt, and poverty.

Smash the gestalt, then rule by fear and guilt, these are the age old techniques used by all tyrants - that is why they are being used so effectively - they have been refined and made to seem perfectly "normal". Yes, just send your child to the state run "education" system and we will reprogram their personality. Parents of the world - you will not even recognise your loved ones after we have "civilised" them with our well-oiled multi-media machinery.

And we will make sure that you - the parents - are kept so busy with distraction exercises, such as attending compulsory work placements so that you can "afford" to buy our useless consumer goods, pay our interest rates, taxes, live in a house, and eat - we will make sure that you do not have any "time" to spend on these types of questioning thought-forms.

And behind the scenes we will strengthen our armies, police forces, mental health programs, economic systems, one world corporate government, and computer aided monitoring procedures.

It is an act of violation.

Well, that's ignorance for you. The blind leading the blind.

The soul is a God - existence - created phenomena. And the indweller of all the bodies is none other than the Self of All - the Loving and Peaceful Tao. The nature of the soul is playful, fearless, loving, peaceful and benevolent. But because the conditioned false personality, the soul may have difficulty expressing itself from behind these psychological curtains.

Well, never fear, for we have the antidote to all this ignorance and bad times - its called enlightenment and it's very good for everybody. It should be accessible in every school, college, and home - world-wide. In this way, all beings can overcome the darkness of ignorance, attain everlasting peace and happiness, know the Self in All, and love life in its Allness, its completeness and entirety. The path beyond sorrow is available to humanity. Let us walk it together and put an end to all this painful delusion - forever.

By doing this, we will live in everlasting peace and joy, on this beautiful, fertile, benevolent and loving earth. Does it not look after us all ? Do we consciously think about the next breath ? Do we consciously make the heart beat ? No, it is nature that attends to these matters, and nature is the Will of the Self in action. We need to realise these things and make this line of enquiry and understanding the very root of our educational systems. Then we will help produce happy, loving, highly intelligent, and peaceful people.

If we wish to create change, we have to take charge of ourselves by changing our patterns of consciousness.




  • Those who control a society may help to produce a false personality which will serve those who control the society. The procedure for producing this false personality is to force the soul to attend "reprogramming" institutions where important sections of the false personality are implanted over years of conditioning. The end product is a model worker and consumer who will serve those in power - even to the point of self destruction as in the case of "the soldier".

  • All this behaviour is a product of human ignorance which can be remedied by the procedure of "enlightenment" in which the soul and the "Self in All" are re-instated as the correct indwellers of the body.

  • To become "enlightened" one must follow some system of self-enquiry and illumination. There are many such systems alive and well in the world today, although many times the "false personality" attempts to destroy their existence - ref: China and the Tibetan Buddhists.

  • The Self in all is the consciousness of the entire existence, manifest and unmanifest, relative and absolute qualities all.

  • Spiritual practice helps us walk the path from the unreal (false personality) to the real (Truth, Consciousness, Bliss).

  • Whoever has walked this path rarely wishes to be returned to the state of "normal" consciousness.

  • Everything is perfectly well in the universe, beyond the shores of human ignorance.


The state of union with existence has many names: Yoga, Enlightenment, Self Realization, The Tao, etc..

May All Beings Be Happy and attain Self-Realization.

May the Light of Truth overcome All the Darkness.

Victory to that light.

Om Shanti.


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