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Society, Intellect, and Soul.

Society supports intellect. It is not much bothered with soul - with love, with play, with Self, with romance, poetic living, music, dance, with the love of life.

Instead, society wants intellects. Society is obsessed with utility - it tries to create utilitarian intellects, that is why modern man is so sad, so dull, so dry, so bored. Society wants minds that it can use to make profits. Society is ego-driven - it is anti-life, against the soul. If you have not developed the intellect to serve society, then you may be employed as one of the slave factory workers. You will serve the intellectual elite and their ego-crazy, power-mad structures and organisations.

If you follow soul - which is the only way to be authentic, genuine, real - then you will be an outsider of society. You will be real, but you will be outside of the mainstream society. Intellect is very useful, a great tool, but the heart is the kingdom of God - Love is.

When you rediscover your loving heart, then you will realise how society manipulates to get intellect. You will not want to play these games any longer. You will want to live in Love, for the Self of All is bliss. You will again listen to the cuckoo and the stream, the rain falling on a tin roof, and you will rediscover the great peace and bliss which is behind all phenomena - the world, the experienced diversity, the variations in existence.

Behind all this is infinite peace, eternal bliss - this is the nature of the Self, Atman, Buddha, Christ.

If the intellect is engaged in the task of Self Enquiry, then the world will be full of happy people and societies that serve humanity - not the other way around.


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