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Many folks attachment to the love for their parents, and maybe other family member's, and the sense of betrayal which comes with any conditional love (and the majority of loving relationships, especially in family situations, do have some conditions that must be fulfilled, if the relationship is to survive and flourish - to be successful), is often such that they are unable to feel love every again, in this life time.

This is indeed an almost tragic situation, for life without love, of any sorts, especially love and respect for oneself, may become an unbearable duty - full of chore and disappointment.

Love - learning to love, being able to love - is an especially important quality that we could all do with more of, not demanding it from an outside source, but firstly, forstering and nurturing that quality within our each and every life.

"What use the conquest of the world, if we lose our soul ?" - meaning: what is life without the ability to love and enjoy? And that means nurturing other qualities such as intelligence, awareness (personal, social, collective, political, and environmental), appreciation, gratitudes, social skills, etc... (add more here!)

If we don't learn to love ourselves and our 'Universe given' life, then we will, most probably, be unable to love others, and thus our lives will be barren, boring, and lack true lustre and enthusiasm.

How do we learn to love ourselves and others, especially after, for a distinct majority, the 'Crucible fires' of our early lives - dysfunctional families, maladaptive education systems, disatisfactory relationships, and maybe unrewarding and meaningless employment? This, of course, is not the case for everybody, and many, many people, lead satisfying and happy lives - hooray! Well done! But for many other folk, the treadmill of a disatisfying life is stepped onto without much choice, as we are born into circumstances that appear to be beyond our control (link to: The Doctrine of Karma - Past lives.)


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