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Three Common Causes of Depression.

1. Self Blame.

If you are constantly putting yourself down, hating yourself, thinking that you are the worst human being alive and that you should be horsewhipped every Tuesday, then you will get depressed because of your constant negative thought forms. It makes practically no difference what you blame yourself for, just as long as you give yourself a good tongue-lashing over it. Just blame yourself and you have a depression coming on. And if you blame yourself mightily, you will become disturbed, probably feel like crying, become silent and moody, and you may even contemplate suicide.

Such is the power of thought.


2. Self-Pity.

The second way to get depressed us to feel sorry for yourself. Cry in your beer when you are not treated fairly and you will soon be depressed. Continually put on a long face just to get the sympathy of others and you're on your way to a depression.


3. Other Pity.

Other pity may be interpreted as "taking on board the negativity and misfortune of others." What good does it serve if you become continually emotionally entangled in other peoples problems? There is no denying that these troubles are real and painful to others, but we must be very careful that we don't end up "carrying uneccessary burdens" - the burdens of the world for a start! If you pity all the misfortune in the world - without realising God's hand behind it - then you will become depressed. You will be depressed all the time.


Our depression will look the same which ever method we use.

Becoming overly involved in pity will make us our own worse enemy.


Overcoming Depression

Paul A. Hauck

Pg: 22-24


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