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Om Aham Mani Foundation

Reflections On Society.

Society, Ego, Corruption, And The Heart Of Love.

If the society is corrupt, then it will be against the heart. For the heart is pure love. How can corruption and pure love exist side by side? They cannot. One will have to go. If the society is based on corruption, on competition, on military and commercial might, on warfare for profit, on non-ethical and non-sustainable economic policy, then the heart chakra will be actively blocked, strangled, unacknowledged, and suppressed.

In the corrupt society, heart will be dangerous, because heart has its own intelligence which is rooted in pure, unconditional love of All Things good and beneficial for the collective. Heart love is non-egotistical. So here we have another struggle. Heart and ego. Ego means "individual", it is our sense of individuality. Heart is our sense of collectivity and connectivity with the whole of existence. Properly educated, there is a beautiful harmony between the two. We enjoy our existence given individuality - the wonder of each snowflake - and we enjoy our collective purpose and connectivity - the beauty of snow. The waves and the ocean playing in tremendous harmony. A celebration of diversity within unity.

In the corrupt and ignorant society, this harmony is damaged, this song is attacked, mutilated, destroyed. How can there be a harmony when it is necessary for these children to become soldiers, slaves of war and corruption? It is not possible, There will need to be created a split. The individual will be required to be divided. The individual becomes an "undividual". And the heart chakra must be blocked, ridiculed, shamed, and hidden. How can a soldier feel unconditional love? How can a banker who invests money in war machinery feel connected to the collective through love? How can a politician who helps create war to make money feel their collective responsibility based in a love of all things? It is not possible in the whole person to act in this manner, but for the split person, for the shamed person, for the corrupted and poisoned, it is perfectly justifiable behavior. And once the poison of corruption has taken a hold, then it is very difficult to heal such a person. Once a person justifies their own corruption, then the purity of their soul, the love in their hearts, and their natural existential intelligence, slips far away under the manure of their corrupted and amoral intellect. Intellect not intelligence - and a disconnected intellect is amoral - ref: Ajna chakra. Real intelligence works for the good of All. Corrupted intellect works only to support and maintain this disconnected ego and produces inflated egoism.

In the corrupt society, education becomes a means of spreading corruption. Education becomes a means of damaging the individual and their relationship to their environment, its creatures, and peoples. The individual becomes a "undividual." This is not only an act of hatred, but is entirely unreligious! How can any so-called holy person, group, or organization possibly justify this behavior! God gives all its creations their own unique sense of individuality and God is so great that He gives us all our connectivity too! In the corrupt society, the love of God, of Truth, of Bliss, Joy, Delight, Happiness, Love of All Things - these qualities will be suppressed, they will be actively damaged. The society will be against.

And yes, you will find so-called Religion, so-called Education, so-called Occupation, so-called Living, but it will be against God. It will be false and it will be corrupt, poison. It will produce nothing but misery and repression. True religion produces joy, a great and tremendous happiness, and a love of all things. True religion is intelligent and it nurtures ALL GOOD THINGS and it understands the purpose of the negative. True living, true education produces understanding. We learn to understand what is means to be human, and how we can overcome all obstacles to true and everlasting happiness and bliss.

All this over-concern with the utilitarian aspects of being human produces a monotony, a very uninspiring song, or a cacophony of noise and fuss - a neurosis, a mess. True religion, true education produces a beautiful harmony. And this harmony is God Centred Living.





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