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Om Aham Mani Foundation

Reflections Upon Society

Society; Ego, Head, and Heart.

Most industrial and technological societies and sovereign nations, encourage the education of the head and the worship of the ego. Why? Because these are the qualities needed for individuals to serve the elite controllers of competitive, market orientated cultures. These same cultures go about the process of reducing or eliminating the workings of the Heart and the worship and love of the Creator of All Existence. Many profit based capitalist cultures depend upon the repression of the soul of the individual and the installing of a false personality that will serve the society - not the person.

Of course, a certain amount of conformity is required for any society to operate, but a successful society will respect the individual and the attributes and qualities that existence has endowed it with. Unfortunately, many cultures are entrenched in the valley of ignorance and instead of allowing the soul to flower, they condition the individual into subordination to the blind marching of the 'mass' or the corrupt, heartless dealings of the 'elite'.

Any soul that is disconnected from its source - which is the divine peace and love of the Absolute, Unified Self (God, Tao, Existence) - will suffer the pain of separation and the many other ailments of this condition; neurosis, anxiety, inflated egotism, etc,. In fact, some might say that ALL SICKNESS is due to this disconnection, which will manifest in all the areas of a person's life.

The purpose of YOGA is to reconnect an individual with the divine love, peace, and well being of The Source of All - The Divine One. Then the individual will the divine presence throughout all their lives and will understand true peace and joy, and in turn will come to shine a positive, spiritual light onto the world.


Om shanti.

Peace and love be forever with thee, O Divine Children of the Immortal and Infinite Self.




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