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Om Aham Mani Foundation

Reflections Upon Society

The Problem Is That Generally Society Is Ignorant.

What is the most important knowledge that a human being could possibly possess?

This must be self-knowledge. Knowledge concerning the mechanisms of human behavior. Not only intellect knowledge but direct knowing and experience. Unfortunately, mainstream society continues to confuse its citizens with it's own ignorance.

Why is society uptight, greedy, competitive, and ignorant? Because the participants have forgotten to attend to the most important aspect of human life: Self-understanding and realization. This mis-guided approach is handed down through the generations and can result in nothing but misery.

The priority of human life is to understand ourselves. Instead, we produce a world full of the darkness of ignorance. How could it be any other way if we neglect this number one knowledge of Self-Realization?

In a more civilized world, we will dedicate our education systems to the production of enlightened beings. Human beings who are bestowed with the knowledge and wisdom of Self-Realization. This is not a difficult task, because the ground has already been prepared by many enlightened thinkers over the centuries. Now is the time to bring these techniques into practice for the entire global population of humanity.

We can no longer sit back and watch our own destruction and ignorance, but neither should we leap into action if we are indeed still acting in the mode of ignorance.

"There are many fires in the world and many people rushing around with buckets of petrol trying to put them out!"

The combination of Eastern practices - Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, etc., and modern humanistic psychology, combined together form an indestructible and 100% guaranteed process of enlightenment for the entire species.

We cannot keep throwing half-baked people out into a half-baked world and expect any sense to come of it. Fortunately this is no longer necessary.

Why not join the evolutionary process that is daily gathering momentum and enthusiasm?

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