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Professionalism, Boundaries, Relationships, and Expectations.

Very rarely do other people fit with the template of expectations that we generally project onto the outside world. For example, we find that somebody who has excellent skills for an occupation, also has a number of personality traits and opinions that we feel rather ill at ease with. Therefore, we must ask ourselves the question:

"Can we apply the rule of best fit?"

Meaning, can we live with the negative and appreciate and work with the positive aspects of a person?

Professionalism requires that we can learn to adapt to situations that are not completely as we expected to find them. To do this, we must learn the art of setting and maintaining boundaries between ourselves and others. Not everybody is at a stage in their evolution to do this. But, having got this far, we must attempt to implement boundaries that will make life easier and smoother all around.

We can use Energy Enhancement - working with the chakras - to create and maintain the boundaries we so require. We must also create a list, mental or physical, of these boundaries and attempt to stick with them. This will mean that we need to learn to disconnect from other people when necessary. And only to connect in the appropriate manner for the situation.

Therefore, in any group endeavor we must maintain professional boundaries so that we do not become ensnared in each other's personalities. To be professional means to be able to choose the type of personality that we require for each situation. This must involve the ability to act - as a player on a stage does. It also means that we must be able to be firm and assertive when we are in difficult and challenging situations.

The alternative is to remain boundariless, random, and confused.





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