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Identifying our Phases

If we can be honest with ourselves then we will find mental clarity and self-knowledge far easier. We can honestly look at our personalities and clarify their traits. We can say "Yes, I went through my anti-life stage - or whatever phase, learning experience, is relevant to you - but because I can see it as just a phase, it no longer has any power over my current situation."

It is important to be able to forgive ourselves and others, for God is the indweller of all the bodies and it is the ego - individual - that learns. In this way, we can forgive our own mistakes and others, for these are the learning experiences that we are undergoing in this lifetime. It is these very learning experiences that we have incarnated to receive.

So, these so-called "mistakes" are indeed the God-given learning experiences that tune up and purify our soul, as it transmigrates from lifetime to lifetime.

This is why it is quite important to investigate the phenomena of past lives, karma, and re-birth via one or more of the established spiritual traditions, to arrive at your own conclusion. I have tried to include the choicest texts within this home-study pack for you to read, but there are many, many points of view concerning this area.

For myself, the acceptance of transmigration of the soul has cleared my mind so completely of the depressing agitation of "this life is all there is and then death." The highest minds of the race, including Sri Aurobindo, have looked into this concept of re-birth and the transmigration of souls, and have agreed that the Universe invests so much in the creation and maintainence of each individual being, that it is beyond logic to suggest that it would simply abandon the individual at the end of a physical life. It is worth remembering that the only esoteric tradition that denies transmigration of the soul and re-birth, is the corrupt Christian organizations that owe very little to the original teachings of their Master - Jesus Christ. Sometimes, of course, a Master may, and do, adapt their teachings for the individual person concerned to make a concept easier to understand, or so as not to overload a person with too many concepts that may hinder their growth at the present moment.

A major problem arises if we misunderstand why a Master should say one thing to one person and a seemingly opposite thing to another. Or, we do not return to the Master for the rest of the story. If we do this, then we only receive a little piece of the jigsaw and we take this to be the whole picture. That is why it is said that; "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

Masters throughout history have come up against these teaching problems again and again. This is why they would encourage loyalty from their students to follow "this path and only this path." It is not that the other paths - spiritual traditions - will not successfully teach, it is rather that the Masters can see the folly of jumping from one process to another, never succeeding in achieving anything.


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