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All Comparison is Odious!

It is a widely recognised and documented fact that most people feel in someway inferior to their fellow human brothers and sisters. Many folk try to hide this inferiority by adopting the strategy of superiority - inflated egoism at the maximum! And many other folk simply try to hide!

What a strange approach to life this is indeed!

Half of us desperately trying to be 'one up' and the other half 'playing it down'. Of course, in reality this 50/50 split is a fiction. The statistics of behaviour tends to follow a bell shaped curve, with a small minority at one extreme, a small minority at the other extreme, and the vast majority be represented somewhere in the middle.

It appears that the cause of this inferiority and superiority is due to comparing ourselves with others. We only need study the images in our magazines, newspapers, and television programmes to see this phenomena in action.

Why is this so?

There are many reasons that we can put forward as answers. Many commercial enterprises exist soley to provide for peoples needs. As the old saying goes:

"If there is no existing market for your product - create one."

Every minute of the day, commercial multi media output - radio, television, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, etc., attempt to do just that - create a market by distorting peoples inner space to suit their aims.

Television is the classic marketing tool. By creating an entire mentality, an entire culture, dominated and centred upon television, producers and marketing people attempt to 'create a need in each and every one of us.' They are desperately attempting to create that market and they are backed by the government because it keeps the economy alive - well, it keeps a non-sustainable economy going just that little bit more.

Of course, there comes a time in all great and lesser civilizations when the cat gets out of the bag and the manipulation tactics of the rich and powerful becoming known to the masses and the game is up. This is usually followed by some downfall, 'revolution', etc.,

Well, back to the point. Many societies, just to keep from falling, feed on this natural human quality of comparison, to create misery and inferiority - using techniques such as bullying, creation of fear and guilt, creation of impossible living ideals, creation of poverty as a yardstick by which the younger people can gauge their 'success'.

The society needs people to feel bad, afraid, powerless, inferior, guilty, so that it can continue to exist. If people were left to flower and live a conscious and aware, soul honouring life, then these types of tragedies could and would be avoided.

But society needs slaves and mechanical people. It uses its institutions and organisations to create such people, purely so that the powermad elite can continue with their 'superiority'.

Knowing that the cause of all this superiority is infact a deep sense of alienation and inferiority, we must feel some form of compassion for these terribly sick and unfortunate folk.

May they be released from their madness soon.

The cause of such inferiority and superiority soon dissolves when we realise that the true indweller of all the bodies is the eternal Self, and that this manifestation is the expression of it's diversity.


May all beings be happy and come to know of their true nature - the non comparable self in all.

Om shanti.

Peace and joy be with thee with this realisation.





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