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Chapter 2.1

The Integration of the Chakras: Part 1

The Integration of the Chakras: Part 1.

In the past, normal people, - like Jesus Christ (Christian), Shakyamuni Buddha (The First Buddhist Master), Bodhidharma (The First Zen Master who synthesised the neurological technology of Buddhism and Taoism), Jallaluddin Rumi (A Sufi Master, one of the Mystics of Islam called the Persian Shakespeare. Sufism itself, synthesises Hinduism and Islam.), Mahavir (Jain Master), etc; - through training and a lot of hard work actually got the human mechanism to work as it should. They reached their potential as "normal" human beings and really impressed the rest of us, even after a thousand years.

"They reached their potential as "normal" human beings…"


As we know, most people function at a very low level only using perhaps 5% of their potential brain power. Most studies of human beings by behaviourists like Pavlov or psychologists like Freud actually point out the mechanical or robotic nature of most people. They never studied a "normal" human being. Most of us are "wolf-children", brought up in a very primitive and one-sided way.

So a study of the various elements of the brain, the chakras, with a proviso that the map is not reality, can be very helpful in elucidating the functions of a normal human being. An integration of all these functions is necessary so that they can act in parallel. Each function of the brain should work to its limit and is necessary to the super functioning of the whole. One function working alone is very little. Two functions squares the response of the system. With three functions working together the response is cubed!


To be said to have Control of something we must be able to stop it.

Similarly with the Chakras.


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