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Chapter 3.2

The Meaning of Ancient Symbols.

The Yin Yang Symbol and the Five Elemental Paths of Chi;
Taught in Energy Enhancement Techniques.

The most profound secrets of Taoism are contained within this symbol, sent to us down the ages in an innocent picture.

Gurdjieff, one of the first Sufi Masters to teach in the West, called these inheritances, formulated by the ancient Masters of Wisdom, by the word "legominisms".

Yin Yang symbol


This Legominism, this symbol, means movement in a circle. Movement of energy around the body in the Central and Governing Acupuncture Energy meridians.

Ancient Taoists formulated five elemental paths of energy all of which are taught in the Levels of Energy Enhancement. Each element more profound than the last. The five elemental paths of Energy Enhancement are those of:

  1. Water.
  2. Air.
  3. Earth.
  4. Wood.
  5. Fire.
The circulation changes from the Yin of one element to the Yang of the other. From the energies of the Earth to the energy of the Heavens. Between earth and sky there is a voltage along which energy can flow.

The dots in the yin and yang tears symbolise the Chakras at the base of the spine - Mooladhara Chakra whose element is earth, and the crown of the head - Sahasrara Chakra. It shows how energy can be reversed when a person works to their full potential.

Not only does energy flow from Heaven to Earth, but also from Earth to Heaven. Yin changes to Yang, Black to White. Stuck negative energies are transmuted to positive flowing energies.

This is a secret taught in the first Level of Energy Enhancement. It is profound and leads to removal of stuck energies and emotions and painful memories. It is the secret of the cleaning of the Augean stables as in the Fifth labour of Hercules.


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