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Chapter 3.23

The Meaning of Ancient Symbols.

The Second Initiation of the Second Chakra.

The problem to be overcome here is that of relationships. As our energies get stronger so the results of our doing become that much stronger. Even though we learn to Earth our energies. Even though we become a little less selfish. The whole Kingdom can be destroyed by the uncontrolled use of those energies as they become more Enhanced and thus more attractive.

The Second Chakra and relative position on the body.

The Insights of the Three Levels of Energy Enhancement, particularly those dealing with Relationships, show how these problems can be overcome. Control of energy is central to this.

Even further, The Round Table of King Arthur symbolised that all the Knights were capable of becoming King. Everyone could speak equally around the table although ruled by their sovereign lord. The Table also symbolises the earth which is the source of the energy of the land, the source of the energy of the sword. It points to a World Government where everyone is more free through the same law of the land.

King Arthur, to help all his Knights overcome their problems in the kingdom represented by his wife and Lancelot, because all of them, everyone, has the same problems, gave a final great quest and image.



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