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Chapter 3.8

The Meaning of Ancient Symbols.

The Whirling Dervishes of Jallaluddin Rumi.

The symbol of the Whirling Dervishes institutionalised in the Dervish organisations since the 12th century AD, is a visual moving symbol of the Swastika, Choku Rei and the Altar Columns of St Peters in Rome.

Sufi Dervishes are the mystic Monks of Islam.


Whirling Dervishes.

Practically, as you turn anti-clockwise the descending current is activated. You discharge negative energy into the earth as the Base Chakra becomes activated.

As you turn clockwise your energy system reaches up to the Soul as the Crown Chakra opens. The Ascending current becomes activated.

Whirling is a preliminary technique to Energy Enhancement Techniques, much beloved by Devi Dhyani.

Fast turning with dirty, blocked chakras moves the negativity quickly and people may develop headaches or become physically sick.

Slow turning, or whirdling - movement of the hips as if you were turning a Hula Hoop, gently and slowly removes the negativity. As a point of interest the Hula Hoops were developed by the Kahuna Mystics of Hawaii, for the benefit of the whole human race, in order to accelerate the clearing of the Base and Crown Chakras.

By whirling you can have a real knowledge as to how pure and cleared out your base and crown chakras are.

This is a real and practical method preliminary to Meditation for clearing the spiritual body.

Dervishes turn for days and have experiences of Ecstasy and Cosmic Truth.



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