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Chapter 4.1

Energy Enhancement and The Chakras.

The Functions of the Mind - The Chakras.

After a brief explanation concerning the functions of the mind as chakras and the exponential improvement in intelligence as each function is improved and blockages between them removed, there will be an exposition of the three lower chakras and their functions with the aim of showing what training it would be nice to receive.

The Chakras are spread out along the spine and in the head.

The Chakras are spread out along the spine and in the head. They reside in powerful nervous plexuses within the body. Each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland, which pours its powerful hormones directly into the bloodstream.

The spine protects the spinal chord, which is made of the same nerve cells as the brain itself and is protected by the same spinal fluid as surrounds the brain. Each chakra communicates along the spinal chord. Each chakra can be educated and brought to full function. This communicating spinal chord can be educated to full information flow.

As the fears, jealousy, envy, competition and other negative thoughtforms, which cause the blockages in and between the chakras are cleared out by the techniques on our Energy Enhancement courses then one after another the functions are improved and the communication between them becomes better.

This exponentially increases the intelligence of the more integrated human being, - the Gestalt.



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