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Chapter 4.12

Energy Enhancement and The Chakras.

Energy Enhancement Teaches How to Gain More Energy.

At this time many people are unconsciously learning the workings of the emotions and the intellect. Once the heart opens then the next stage is learning about the second, abdominal, relationship chakra.

So hard are the lessons. So much pain and fear is created that this is having a major effect on humanity. This talk will hopefully explain the causes of this pain and provide an intellectual understanding of its mechanism. There is no alternative however, to working with this energy.

Lord Buddha.

The Lord Buddha said, "Selfish attachment leads to pain". We can be selfishly attached to the energy of any one of the chakras. Attachment splits into desire and aversion. Aversion is the irrational hatred of any of the items we need. All attachment is based on fear.

The American President Roosevelt once said: "In my life I have feared many things, only a few of which came to pass".


President Roosevelt.

The test is whether we can accept these fearful things in a non-violent, non-fearful way. Any blockage in our energy system exhibits itself as fear. "Fear is the mind killer". All fear is irrational. It is based in wrong thinking. It is based upon a thoughtform which has been wrongly created and propagated. These thoughtforms destroy the clarity of the mind. The test is to face our fears. Through clarity, awareness, seeing our fear and understanding its irrational nature, we dissipate it.

Through Energy Enhancement Level One we learn how to dissipate fear. Through doing this we can truly become human.


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