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Chapter 6.1

The Paradigm Shifts of Human Evolution.

The Paradigm Shifts of Human Evolution as the Chakras Open with age and Wisdom.

The Seven Major Chakras of the Human Being.


These paradigm Shifts are Human Stages of Development when a Quantum Leap of Inclusion and Development occurs which looks at the previous knowledge as only a part of what was previously known.

An example of this would be Newtonís Laws of Motion which, although not invalidated by the paradigm shift of Einsteinís Theory of Relativity, became known as only a part of the theory of relativity which included it as part of a greater whole.

Another example that of a child choosing between a long thin glass and a short fat glass as to which has the most liquid. No matter how many times that you pour the liquid from one glass to another. There are equal amounts in each glass. The child always points to the tall thin one when asked which holds the most liquid. A little older the child cannot understand how anyone could be so stupid as to do that. Even if they see a video of themselves doing that, they will still deny it was them.

As Jesus said, "Forgive them lord, they know not what they do."

This knowledge of paradigm shifts explains totally why this world is in the mess that it is.


Energy Enhancement shows how to evolve through every stage of these paradigm shifts.

Each shift involves:-

  1. A fusion with the next stage. The self evolves or steps up to the new level of awareness and identifies with it.

  2. A transcendence of the stage as it begins to move beyond it to the next stage.

  3. An integration of the stage as the next stage is identified

No person is ever at a stage because only 50% of the responses will come from that stage. 25% will come from the stage before and 25% from the stage after. There are also leaps forward like peak experiences caused by moments of elation, sexual passion, stress, dream-like reverie, meditation or drug induced states.

As the Human being evolves from a child some of the Stages of Development are not completed. Then later stages are sabotaged. Eventually the weight of repression will stop all further development at some low stage.

If the Stage is not completely mastered it is as if part of the personality is left behind as a selfish little personality Ė one of the Inner Children who start to act out their robotic programs at inappropriate times making us think "Why did I do that?". We know we are acting strangely but not why. This information is why, and it is the first step towards integrating these selfish little selves back into the integrated personality. The second step and the key of their healing is to dissolve the pain, the psychic energy, which is at the core of the selfish little selves. Techniques to dissolve this pain are the essence of Energy Enhancement.

The earlier the stage not integrated, the more obvious the symptoms, the more difficult to integrate later, more evolved stages.

Society is full of people at all the stages of development. The famous statistical Bell Shaped curve will show that few people will be stuck at Stage 1 and few will reach Stage 10. The majority will be stuck and repressed around the middle.

This is why the definition of democracy is "Eat shit; 10 million flies canít be wrong". Democracy amongst people of evolution around the middle of the bell shaped curve, unless managed as it is by the people employing the politicians, the newspaper proprietors, and the television station owners would provide a very low aim towards which to develop.

As you travel the world we see that all societies are similar in that they all consciously manage their public opinion by focussing on the side shows of the sexual escapades of politicians, like with Bill Clintonís Sexgate, corruption in the police etc. and not on the main event which is who, which group, is really directing the policies globally.

Some people believe that 600 families control the earth and all its politicians.

Well they think that they do but I prefer to believe that Isaac Asimovís Foundation Trilogy provides a better answer in that a higher group, The Planetary Brotherhood, is managing the 600 families.



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