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Chapter 6.3

The Paradigm Shifts of Human Evolution.

The Birth of the Emotional at Self-15-24 months.
Chakra 2, The Relationship Chakra Opens, The Spoilt child emerges.

Position of the Second Chakra.

This state is extremely egocentric or narcissistic and treats the world as its oyster. Around 15-24 months it begins to recognise that it does not always get what it wants.

The world sometimes says no. Difficulties in accepting "no" cause narcissistic personality disorders, or there is some sort of dissociation. The strategies to gain attention exhibit strongly at this stage.

Normally the integration of the Second Chakra occurs between 15 and 24 months. Basically, the child at this time thinks that it owns the world and the world and everyone in it, is here to serve the child. The child has great difficulties in accepting the fact of the Law of Economy, that sometimes, impersonally, the world says NO!

This causes a great deal of disappointment, which causes two results: -

  1. The pain caused by this disappointment resides in the second chakra causing functional difficulties such as breathing, disease in the abdomen, Energy lacks such as M.E. and Premature Ejaculation and Frigidity.

  2. The disappointment creates the desire never to be disappointed again. Thus the strategies of the Sad Poor me, the Violent Violator, the Jealous Competitive Star and the Don Juan, in order to gain attention.
Both of these results are the major cause of difficulties in the adult becoming a more useful, selfless member of society. This is why all the next evolutionary stages are sabotaged by this problem.

People cannot fit into society due to this major problem which sabotages all the rest of the stages of evolution.

The Integration of the Heart chakra in that person is sabotaged and the person becomes a selfish tyrant always. If they become a leader they will be a tyrant, or a "Bad King" as it says in the book, "1066 and all that".

Indeed, what can stop the integration of the NO can be too many yes’s from the parents, without any explanation or teaching. The child gets its own way or is dealt with arbitrarily, with no teaching or logic.

A phrase for this in the UK is that the child becomes "spoilt." A spoilt child is an ideal way to represent a failed integration of selfish desire.



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