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Chapter 6.5

The Paradigm Shifts of Human Evolution.

The Birth of the Role Self and the following of Scripts, from 6-7 until 11-15.
Chakra 4, The Heart Chakra.

The Position of the Heart Chakra: Colour code = pink or sometimes green.

This is the ability to form mental rules and to take up and understand the role and feeling of others. The ability to stand in anothers shoes. External consideration, which is one of the concepts, developed by Gurdjieff.

The first stage of the Heart opening is very conformist as it associates with the family, the city, the country or the world. "My family or country right or wrong", it says. This is the stage of wanting to fit with the tribe, the group, of gangs, the Ku Klux Clan and football clubs. But as it begins to understand that if you partially love one thing, then you must hate everything else for example Hitlers "Loving the Fatherland", allowed Germany to go to war with the rest of the world. This is a major pathology, which prevents the next stages of growth.

It is also the Stage at which most of the people in this world are stuck.

Surveys suggest that 96% of all Americans are stuck at the level of the Football fan.

This is also the stage we use scripts, learnt programs to help us fit with society.

Negative scripts are those learnt at a young age, the second evolutionary stage, then used as an adult. This is the cause of the Poor Me, The Violator and The Selfish, Jealous, Competitive Star. For example, script pathology is when we follow a script which says, "Iím no good." "I can never do anything right" In other words a "Poor Me" Who stuck at the second stage of wanting love from the parents, like a child (Chakra 2), uses one of the Strategies to gain attention and sabotages the ability to fit with the society in general (Chakra 4).

This is the stage of healing through transactional analysis, family therapy, cognitive therapy and narrative therapy which just draws intellectual attention to your internal lies and attacks them head on.

However, only Energy Enhancement also teaches how to dissolve the negative energies causing the problem and thus finish them more quickly.


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