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Chapter 6.7

The Paradigm Shifts of Human Evolution.

The Bodymind integration of the Centaur, the sixth Chakra, Ajna Chakra.

Position of the Sixth Chakra; Ajna Chakra.

Mind, Emotions and Body are all experiences of an Integrated Self. This is the Stage of "Vision Logic". This is not the self looking at the World.

This is the observing self looking at the mind, the emotions and the world.

A fairly large Quantum leap in evolution usually arrived at by people practising meditation. At this stage "the self can no longer tranquilise itself with the trivial" as Kierkgaarde put it.

Existensialism is its aim and later its downfall, and there is nothing which will satisfy its search for meaning and existence, which was one of Heideggers constant points. Problems of this stage are that they deny the next transcendent stage. This concern with meaning in a drab and dying world is the central feature of pathologies at this stage.

Most people do not understand the concept of spiritual depth, which are really the levels of the astral and mental planes. We inhabit a telenovella, Coronation Street, Dallas, in the basement of the Astral plane, in our lives and when we sleep.

However the reports from all the worlds mystics is that this observing self inhabits and extends itself right up to god.

We do not live in a drab existentialist flatland.


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