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Chapter 8.2

The Blockages of the Base Chakra.

The Base Chakra, Food, Money and Society.

When we are overly attached to food we can store it and eat it beyond our present need. It is getting so that more than 25% of people in western societies are becoming clinically fat, obese. Elvis Presley ate so much that he died at the age of 42. In a way, he dug his grave with his teeth.

Elvis Presley as a young man.

Fat people always have health problems related to their weight. The opposite is Bulimia and Anorexia. Those people who are irrationally averse to eating. They die too.

When we are overly attached to money, we become misers like Scrooge in Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Attila the Hun said, "It is not enough that I am victorious. All others must fail, too." Inhuman attitudes like this, when applied by rich misers, foster the great money divide in society. We should not be jealous of the wealth of the rich, but the rich should make sure there is no one in real need in society. If not, the feedback of pain is the breakdown of society through violence, as the wrong choices by individual members become easier to make.


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