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Chapter 8.4

The Blockages of the Base Chakra.

The Sangha; Our Soul Group.

We see this kind of societal problem before us every day in our Family, our Job and on TV. If we are a part of this and try to work with it then we must seek our Sangha our congregation, our group with people of a similar evolution, with whom we can work.

If one Enlightened person is a part of that group, then we too can become Enlightened.

On the way we find out what we can and cannot do. For example we cannot fit within a group of a lower evolution without a lot of acting ability training and evolution. We cannot be real with people of a lower energy level. We must learn how to act with people who are split. Who are acting out robotic strategies to gain attention. With people who are just not Enlightened. We can trust people to act in an unenlightened way.

Many people get sick and go mad trying to fit in like a square peg in a round hole. When they gain enough energy, enough fuel to leave, to get out of the Gravity Well at the Centre of the group. Like a good tooth, being drawn out of the rotten jawbone of society. When they gain enough luck and personal power to do this then they become one of the Twelve Apostles.

Do you think that if they had been any good at catching fish, the Apostles would ever have gone off to follow Jesus Christ?


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