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Chapter 10.2

The Blockages of the Second Chakra.

The Need to become Weaned.

Children ideally need to become weaned of this energy so that they can become individuals, strongly independent of others with enough vital energy for more than their own needs. Because most people do not know how to do this, the opposite is usually the case. Children remain dependent upon, and connected to, their parents usually until their parents die and bereavement kicks in.


Painful second chakra disconnection: "Parents die and bereavement kicks in."


This addiction to the energies of the second chakra is one of the Major causes of the failure of the Integration of the Emotional body. The emotional body tries to become integrated between the ages of 15 and 24 months. The child tries hard to understand that its parents have other interests other than him. That this child is not the sole focus of the world.

The problem is that of disappointment. That is when we make an appointment which then gets dissed.


Therefore, at this early age disappointment and pain become locked into the second chakra causing disease, shallow breathing and sexual dysfunction.

It also causes the child to search for methods to overcome this "no". The Strategies of the Tyrant we go into later, but these strategies cause the child and later the adult many real difficulties in functioning within society.


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