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Chapter 11.2

Strategies to Steal Energy from Others.

The Workings of the Four strategies.

The Aloof and the Interrogator feed off each other.

The Aloof stay quiet and avert their eyes to gain attention and thus more energy. The Interrogator gets irritated at the aloofness and starts to ask questions in order to gain the attention and energy of the Aloof. They can really take their parts seriously and get angry and upset during the playing of these games. Their strategies to gain energy.

The wife beater will swear that they didn't know what came over them and swear never to do it again. The wives believe them and stay with these violent people sometimes for 20 years until they get seriously hurt.


In BDSM a Sadist, Dom or Mistress is a violator. A Masochist, Slave or Sub is a poor me. These two polarities can generate a lot of energy and orgasms between them. The pain releases endorphins into the system like heroin, cocaine or running, but always the poor sub gives more and eventually runs out of energy. Together they try for more orgasms, trying to break the barriers. But sometimes the sub dies because of this.

The Poor Me and the Intimidator or Violator feed off each other.

They are more dangerous but extensions of the other pair. The Poor Me will create something to make you sorry for them and thus get your energy. They will make you feel sorry for being better off than them. The Alcoholic. The ill. The person crippled by previous hurts, emotional or physical can all be examples of this type. They all want your energy. The Intimidator creates the Poor me and one easily slips to the other. They threaten violence to get your attention. They violate and abuse to control, to get your energy.

Moreover, many people use the Star to impress their partners to start with, then in the family they become poor mes or violators to get their energy.

The Star thinks that they are always right. Even when they are totally wrong, they are right. They are competitive and cannot stand to have another star in their presence and so fight with them, and if they cannot win fairly, they try to ruin the reputations or kill the opposition.

Stars always have Poor Me's around them so they can be confirmed in their places of splendour. So they will be generous to the poor me's to keep themselves surrounded by the coterie of Poor Me hangers on, yes men and flatterers hanging on around them.

Some men are always complaining about their wives and the meaninglessness of their lives. Even they do not know that they are using the Poor Me to attract attention.

A poor me will hurt themselves to gain attention. Become a drug addict, alcoholic or infirm. To get your love and attention. Playing their game only confirms them more in their strategy.

What Im trying to get over is that almost everyone is shuttling from one strategy to another without noticing it.

Energy Enhancement Level 2 can totally heal these Strategies.

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