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Chapter 13.5

Electra and Oedipus Complexes.

A Story of Sexual Abuse.

One of our students was abused by her grandfather, as a young child, over a period of years. She came to hate him and the repressed pain was causing many difficulties in her personal life. With her partners. One thing she remembered was that when he died, she received a telephone call from him which she had slammed down in disgust.

We gave her healing on a few occasions and there was always this strong energy there which we could not get rid of. One of her friends was present at one of the healings, and when the healing began, she said, in a very strange voice. "Can I talk?" we said, "Yes" and immediately she started to say, in a very old restricted voice "Forgive me. Forgive me!". When she said this, our student became as if electrified and said later that this was the same voice she had heard over the telephone many years ago. But this time she understood. She forgave her Grandfather and this time the energy was allowed to move on using Energy Enhancement Level Two.

If we cannot forgive, then sometimes the one we need to forgive will stick with us parasitically, draining our energies and upsetting our emotions until allowed to pass on. Disease is caused in this way. As well as a lot of misery as the held in pain affects our relationships.

The friend was very surprised and happy at being so much use. It had never happened to her before and she felt very strange at being inside what felt at the time like a dying mans body.


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