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Chapter 14.3

The Third Chakra

I have heard there was a famous politician.

He went to see an Integrated Master and asked for some meditation to help him remain calm in his work.

He said that he just needed one last push to help him to the top of his particular greasy pole, the Ministry of the Treasury.

"But," he explained, "there are so many problems along the way and I have to be wary of ambitious ‘friends’ and young men around me, all waiting to pounce upon my every mistake.

I have to work so hard and I cannot relax for one moment. I cannot rest; I cannot sleep at night for the worries that beset me.

Please give me a meditation so that I can become peaceful."

The Master immediately said,

"You do not need a meditation. Simply by renouncing your ‘vaulting ambition’ you will have peace. You are wasting your life being dependent on the carrion around you for your happiness.

Come back when the aim of your life is not just for yourself but for the betterment of your Office - a non-personal ambition."

When you follow your true path in life, with the right motivation, then there is no friction. Then life is your meditation and peace is your path.



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