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Chapter 16.8

Ajna Chakra.

Spin - The Battleground of the Mind.

Position of Ajna Chakra represented by a lilac circle.

Ajna chakra now provides the main battleground of the human spirit today. These methods are the ways in which the power possessing people on this planet still control everyone.

If you are still only using Ajna Chakra then you can easily be fooled and tricked. They call it "Spin" and the spindoctors control everything. In Neuro-Linguistic programming it is called "Reframing" and again this technique is neutral and can be used for good or evil. Everything is believable. You have no rudder.

Thus in debate, one can have two opposing arguments made, both of which are entirely believable.

If you had 100 experts then some of them would support your case, whatever it was. Some of them would take money from you to research your case. Some of them would take money to vilify those who were against your case.

For example, Socrates, Jesus Christ and Buddha were killed by those who were paid to be against them. This same process is happening all the time. Even now!

Now, power possessing people know not to create Martyrs. It is far better to say bad things about the opposition, ruin their reputations, ridicule them or to even ignore them.

For example if someone in power wants to support their case. For example Macdonalds Burgers or Burger King want to persuade you to buy their burgers. They will support research in Universities, by doctors, to support the idea that burgers are good for you. They will conveniently forget the research which says anything different. They will ignore it. They will put money into, support research and publish research which upholds their case. They know the researchers who will say what they want to hear. Those who are "one of us".

These people have a lot of money. They will help to make these Doctors who support them rich. The rich and powerful support those who help make them rich and powerful.

For example I heard on the radio last week that research had found that cheeseburgers had a substance inside them that prevented cancer!

It costs money to do this research. It costs money to make sure it gets published. It costs money to get it onto radio and television. It is the Ajna chakra which makes it all possible.



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