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Chapter 17.1

Love, the Heart Centre and Society.

The Heart Chakra in Society.

We should care about, the expression of love, every member of society. John Donne said - "No man is an Island , complete unto himself. Every man is a part of the Maine" - the continent, society itself. When you hear the bell Toll at a mans death, remember, it Tolls for thee!".

This is the ultimate expression of love, the heart chakra in society.

  • In order for society to evolve, people need to evolve.
  • We evolve as our lower needs are taken care of.

Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" shows that the lower needs must be taken care of first before the higher, more evolved needs can be activated. An evolving society looks after these lower needs. The more of these needs which are taken care of by society; which are given free by society, then the more highly evolved is that society.


John Kenneth Galbraith, author of "Anatomy of Power".

The more a society uses these lower needs as a stick or as a form of "condigne punishment", as JK Galbraith termed them in his book "Anatomy of Power", the more fear will be created which will stop the evolution of people, and so society. This type of society is lower. The more low as more fear is used.


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