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Chapter 18.1

The Crown Chakra.

The Mastery of Crown Chakra Connections.

Become attached to the highest frequency of Energy - God!

The only way to do this, to Master Crown Chakra connections, is to become attached to the highest frequency of Energy. To God. To the One God with 10,000 names.

Once referred to as Brahma in the Hindhu Pantheon. And there, Brahma was once the Highest God. Now, there are thousands of Temples to Shiva and Thousands of Temples to Vishnu. Shiva is the Destroyer and Vishnu is the Maintainer. Shaivites and Vaishnavites, such is the stupidity, prejudice and warlike nature of man, that sometimes these devotees battle in the streets. They try to prove, through war, that their God is the Highest! This is the way of a lot of Religious institutions.

But now, they say there is only One Temple in the whole of India devoted to Brahma. How are the mighty Fallen! And I use this example so that I will not upset those attached to the name of any one God.

No God is the Highest. Only you can become high by your connection to God. The level of your Evolution, of your Enlightenment, is the level of your connection with the highest that you are capable of reaching. God is unchangeable. All that can change is the level of Your Connection and when you have reached the highest, then you are enlightened by your connection with Truth or Sat. Anything which changes can not be True, by definition. This highest can have any name because that name does not matter.


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