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The Souls Struggle to Liberate Itself from bondage to the Conditioned, False Personality.

This is really quite a large part of any spiritual practice. It means that we begin to wish to experience the Real instead of the False. It is the process by which we begin to ask ourselves the question; "Why did God make me, and what is His plan for my life?" For indeed, each one of us is a creation of the Creator and we all have some important part to play in God's play on Earth.

William Shakespeare said; "Life is but a stage and we are but actors upon it." When we begin to realise that we might be speaking the wrong lines and playing the wrong part, at this point we may realise that a large percentage of our frustrations and unhappiness stems from this fact - we are acting the wrong part! The Creator did not intend us to be doing what we are trying to do, to be living the way we are living and thus we are suffering.


Why are we Playing the Wrong Part?

Mainly for 2 reasons:

1. Because the Directors are asleep! All the people that we invested our Trust in - parents, teachers, priests, politicians - mostly, unless we are lucky, are generally unaware of the Divine Play and thus gave us the wrong directions with which to approach this play! We took the wrong instructions from the wrong people. They do not realise that they are misguided. They believe that they are teaching us the very best that they know, and their intentions are honourable - mostly. But, never-the-less, many of us, who excepted these instructions, have found ourselves living unbearable, miserable, unfulfilled and confused lives.

We think; "This is not how my life is meant to be - I know it!" But we feel powerless to understand and transform ourselves - it appears to be an impossible task.

2. We are not whole. We are not healed. Our inner landscape is so shattered and confused that we do not operate anywhere close to our soul path. The conditioned personality is in charge, and the soul is locked away deep within this psychological maze. We need to free the soul! That is one of the primary purposes of spiritual practice. The other purpose? To re-connect the Soul with the Source!


What can we do about it?

This is when we realise that we need to acknowledge, respect and listen to our inner being, our existence given consciousness, our Soul, the Soul that was created by God. How do we do this? There are many ways to achieve this. Some of us may require a tried and tested system that will guide us safely across the waters from the Unreal and to the Real, from Delusion to Truth, from the False Personality to the Soul.


Energy Enhancement is one such system.




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