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The Subconscious Mind and the Myth of Evil.

The Human Shadow.

'Our Hero using a repressive strategy!'

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The Shadow Elements of the Human Subconscious Mind.

There is really no evil in the universe except for the often misinterpreted workings of the subconscious human mind.

  • "Evil" spelled backwards is "live".
  • "Devil" spelled backwards is "lived".

The shadow elements of the human subconscious mind, individual and collective, create a disturbance in the usual, ordinary balance and well being of human behaviour.

By living life 'backwards', meaning not attending to the small whilst it is still small and also by denying and repressing (as opposed to suppressing) parts of our whole being, we create a subconscious mindstate - sometimes labelled 'The Shadow'.

This subconscious mind is the product of our very own repressive, denying and avoidance strategies. As the contents of the shadow increase, we divert more and more energy into the strategies that we use to keep the lid on this subconscious crucible. As we divert ordinary life energy into these strategies (ie, repression / denial) then we have less energy to live life. Thus we life life backwards, upside down, back to front.

Then, the 'lived' becomes the 'devil'!

This subconscious mind and its contents cannot be kept locked away in the cellar of our beings for long. Sooner or later the skeletons begin to rattle. I prefer to use the allegory of the subconscious mind as a children's home for children of unsuccessful marriages; orphans and adoptee's. For the shadow is only those parts of our selves which we have been 'forced' into 'hiding' because they were often unacceptable behaviours for the family's, society's, and environment's that we grew up in and were 'conditioned' by.

So, we banished these 'unacceptably behaved children' of our own self into the cellars of our beings where they have remained since, in a state of deprivation, denial, repression, and gradual decline and degeneration. We allowed ourselves, for there was no other way to survive at the time, to be programmed and to put on the garments of a false personality. We imitated those influences around us in the first quarter of our lives and we may have become 'stuck' within the limitations of this 'choicelss, given, conditioned' personality.

We often forget about the other parts of our beings and by careful and learned repressive and denying strategies, integrated in our childhood, we may continue to live a shallow life, fragmented and cut-off from our own True, Whole Self.

If this were the end of the story, things would not be 'so bad' - but unfortunately for all many of us repressed and conditioned people, this is only the beginning and the path to insanity is often being trodden without knowledge of its destination.


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Gradual degeneration becomes the nature of elements banished into the subconscious.

Why is this so?

Because the denied, repressed, 'forgotten' children (aspects) of our self have been banished and are often unhappy and confused concerning why they are been trodden on and kept down (repressed), out of the light of conscious inspection and expression.

It is very difficult to ignore their constant questioning and desire for expression. These aspects of our whole self are often 'stuck' at the ages that they were first 'banished' and are thus immature and sometimes degenerate. Gradual degeneration becomes the nature of elements banished into the subconscious. Eventually, the pressure from the hidden, subconscious aspects of our being can lead to 'breakdown' and insanity - from mild neurosis to dementia, full blown schizophrenia and psychosis in the extreme.

Why should this be? We will attempt to understand this in the next section.


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To Begin with, the Strategies of Repression and Denial Appear to Work Very Well!

We seem to have successfully 'dealt with' these unacceptable qualities of our self. We are in mild discomfort, but life must be lived and the influences of those around us, who are also using similar strategies (often quite unconsciously, ie without being aware of what they are doing deep down) tell us that everything is 'ok' and to just 'get on with it (life) like everybody else.'

We throw ourselves into distraction and avoidance activities. We avoid having to face our whole self because we are frightened of those aspects of our self that were not permitted expression or understanding in our family, society, religious and social environments. We had to banish these aspects of our self, often without explanation from those external influences around us, and thus began forming a subconscious part of the mind. The banishing procedure, this conditioning and programming process, is often extremely painful, confusing and frightening for us as children, teenagers and adults.

How many times did we pathetically assert our small power of expression in the words:

"But I was not doing anything wrong !"

...only to be steam rollered over by family, peer, and societal pressures.

We are forced to betray our own true self and thus we soon feel that we cannot trust our own inner self any longer, as this internal landscape has become a psychological battlefield.

Of course, we all need to learn the correct behaviour patterns to get along in society and to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as it possibly can. The individual needs to learn how to fit in and subordinate part of their life to the will of their society, but we must also strike the balance between the individual and the collective. We must also learn to encourage the successful integration of the developing conscious ego (the individual) into the society (the developing collective conscious).


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The Collective Subconscious

The collective (family, groups, race, society, organisations, nationalities) is made up of individuals, but it also has a character of its' own, that is influenced by its' members but is also laid down in its' foundations. For instance, a group has rules of behaviour that must be followed if the group is to function successfully.

When we meet, work and play in collectives, we banish, repress, put to one side, (often only for the duration of our interaction with the group) those elements of our being which are not in harmony with the groups' needs and functioning. Thus, each collective has its' own subconscious mind.

The contents of the collective subconscious mind will be different for differing groups, organisations and nationalities, but we can observe that the subconscious mind operates throughout all collectives. The collective state of humanity has its own subconscious, hidden elements, some of which rarely see the light of conscious awareness, let alone expression, for instance intuition, psychic ability, Self-realization. It is up to us all to recover the lost treasures of our soul - individual and collective - so that all of humanity may benefit, thus keeping the light shining brightly!


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Life can run relatively smoothly.

Life can run relatively smoothly, as long as we are aware of this subconscious operation. However, we run into difficulty when we do not acknowledge our repressive and denying strategies, and we come to believe that we are those strategic personalities.

Metaphorically, we put on a coat and mistake for that our body, we walk into a room and forget about the house.

This forgetting is often a 'forced' behaviour pattern that we learn in our early years - because we are forced into forgetting about those unwanted, unacceptable and unloved aspects of our self that we banished and in this action formed our subconscious mind.


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  • We have all been 'forced', by early conditioning procedures, to create a subconscious mind to house banished elements of our psyche.
  • This subconscious mind, often labelled 'The Shadow', exerts a constant influence, and often a disturbance, upon our conscious (waking and dreaming) mindstate.
  • This influence we often keep at bay by further repressive and denying strategies.
  • What-so-ever we deny to ourselves we will eventually deny to others!
  • We need to exert a constant, mental energy to keep the shadow out of our conscious mind by using repressive and denying strategies, so that we can 'function' in the roles that we play in life.
  • When we do not have the energy to keep up the strategies, then parts of the shadow emerge. In these moments we are temporarily 'insane' meaning that we are not acting as we usually do.
  • In severe cases of long term repression and denial, the strategies fail to keep the subconscious 'down' and full blown 'insanity' is expressed. ie the shadow comes to the surface of the conscious mind in large doses.
  • The subconscious mind is nothing alien to our self, on the contrary its' contents are indeed our banished and forgotten aspects of non-other than our self! It is only because we have denied them for so long that they have become alien and a little worse for wear in their exile!
  • Do not blame! for this conditioning is part of the way and blame is an obstacle to overcome.

Good news! We have the antidote! Energy Enhancement Techniques and Strategies to deal with the shadow carefully and safely within your own home! Never become the victim of the subconscious mind - ever again!


May All Beings Be Happy.



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