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The Human Mind

Glossary: A Definition of terminolgy


The individual sense of self, the 'I am'-ness, the conscious developing individual.


The theory of self interest as the central principle of living. Doing it all 'my' way, with little interest or connectivity with the collective; groups, organisations,humanity.


Individuals or groups who are afflicted with extreme egoism.


Vedantic term for inflated egoism. Also meaning an individual who has no knowledge of their extended self ("Om aham mani!"), thus dis-connected individual.


Physical, mental, and emotional activity.

Repression (active denial)

Banishing aspects of the conscious mind / being into the sub and unconsious states, generally without further inspection, understanding or analysis. An attempt at permanent dissociation from these aspects of being.

Supression (subdueing)

Subduing, putting on 'hold' aspects of the conscious mind to be dealt with later. A temporary measure. We use less harsh, less permanent repressives techniques, and we don't banish aspects 'fully' into the sub / unconscious.


The stable and enduring characteristics of an individual. Learned behaviour 'filters' - ie programmed / conditioned behaviour.

Learned responses and habits learned through experience ie habitual responses to certain situations.


The process of learning by imitation, usually refers to first cycle of life 0 - 7years when the imprinting process is very stong and lays down deep behavioural patterns, but we continue imprinting throughout our live


a collection of behaviour patterns that a person can use.

ie, an emotion, mental construct, physical posture or movement.


The Individual Soul. The deep and enduring characteristics of an individual. Those aspects of an indivduals behavioural repertoire that they appear to have been born with.


More concerned with essence than personality.


Interplay of sensory organs and the nervous system (brain) that furnishes us with our 'world-vision'.

Sense organs

The organs of the body that we use to perceive the world.

Sight (eyes), sound (ears), nose (smell), mouth Taste), touch (skin),

Paradigm shift

a change (shift) in outlook, attitude, perspective.


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