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 The Way to a Higher Life

Sai Baba says...Practice Silence.

For the voice of God can be heard in the region of the heart only when the tongue is still. Silence is the speech of the spiritual seeker. Soft, sweet speech is the expression of genuine love; it soothes, it applies balm.

Listen to the glory and grandeur of the handiwork of God and of the various awe-inspiring manifestations of divinity. Hearing about the Lord again and again, we can transform ourselves into divinity. Dwell on the Lord in the mind, revelling in the contemplation of His beauty, majesty, and compassion. Have an attitude of reverence toward nature and all life. Become a devoted servant of all, with no sense of superiority or inferiority.

Have inner as well as outer cleanliness. In reality, the outer cleanliness is but the reflection of inner achievement. There is a strange glow on the face of a guileless person. Inner cleanliness has its own soap and water - the soap of strong faith and the water of constant practice.

Have a reverent attitude to the duty - carry out every task assigned to you as if it is an act of worship by which the Lord will be pleased. Duty is God work is worship.

"Man me ram, Hath me kam" - In the mind God, In the hand work.

Render every thought into a flower, worthy to be held in His fingers, render every deed into a fruit, full of sweet juice of love, fit to be placed in His hand; render every tear holy and pure, fit to wash his lotus feet. Put this ideal into practice, then you will be victorious by steady endeavour over the diabolic foes of lust and greed, of envy and hate, of malice and contempt, and conceit. It is the silent state of supreme bliss, won through self control and self-realization.

Do not judge others to decide whether they deserve your service. Find out only whether they are distressed, that is enough. Do not examine how they behave towards others; they can certainly be transformed by love. Service is as sacred as a vow, a 'sadhana', a spiritual path. It is the very breath, it can only leave breath takes leave of you.

All is divine.



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